Previously on The Koch Brothers Mystery Show...

Episode 11 Part 1: The Precarious Peril of the Public Parks!

Chuck and Davey are trapped in time-out, dreaming of the ungoverned land rights that continue to elude them. But when they heed the beckoning call of a mysterious trickster, our heroes are about to get a whole lot more than they bargained for!

Episode 10: The Curious Case of the Court-Ordered Coma!

A day like any other is turned upside-down and inside-out, thanks to a group of lecherous litigators! Can our heroes Chuck and Davey Koch find a back door to America’s legal system before it’s too late?

Episode 9: The Mystery of the Monetary Masquerade!

It’s the biggest, best day of the year for our steadfast sleuths Chuck and Davey Koch! But when a mysterious phantom threatens to rain on their parade of presidential puppets, can our boys unmask this demon and weather the storm?

Episode 8: The Post-Barack-us Raucous Caucus Debacus!

It’s a night like any other as our heroes Charles and David Koch nestle themselves snugly into bed. But when their luxurious dreams are haunted by the quadrennial presence of a faraway land more powerful than anything they’ve before encountered, will they be able to thwart its influence and return home to Kansas?

Miniature Christmas Episode: It’s a Plunderful Life!

It’s Christmas time, but our heroes Charles and David Koch are down in the dumps! With their oil empire under siege and the Wheelchair Man leaving a lump of coal in their stockings, Chuck and Davey are considering the nuclear option! Can a mysterious old windbag help the boys right the ship and get back to rolling in the green?

Episode 6: The Public Relations Rigmarole!

The liberal media is at it again, poisoning the roots of Chuck and Davey’s political network! Can the boys emerge from the shadows and win back the public’s trust? Featuring musical guest Rich Jones performing his single, “Chicagoland.”